Remote bidding

If you cannot attend the auction...

We offer a number of ways to bid. Please register online to bid by one of the methods below:

  • By telephone: In most circumstances it is possible for you to make bids over the phone to the auction room.

  • By proxy: You can authorise the Auctioneer to bid on your behalf up to your specified limit.

  • Online: You can view the auction live and bid online in real time

In order to bid remotely by any one of the methods above, you must complete the Bidder Registration process. As part of this, you will be required to upload documents including your proof of ID and address. Please click here for Anti Money Laundering Guidance.

Remote Bidding Registrations are to be completed no later than two working days prior to the Auction, Allsop is not obliged to accept late bids.

Please note that all the normal Allsop Auction Conditions of Sale, together with the Terms for Remote Bidders apply. In all cases, please ensure that you have seen any relevant addendum which appears on the lot page.

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I want to bid on more than one lot - do I need separate forms?

No, you can add multiple lots to your online registration.

What is proxy bidding?

This is where the Auctioneer bids on your behalf. You authorise Allsop to bid up to a specified amount which you would state under 'Maximum Bid Price'.

What is telephone bidding and how does it work?

This is where a member of the Auction team calls your preferred contact number as specified on the form. If we cannot reach you on this number we will try the other numbers that you have provided.

We normally offer about 20-25 lots per hour. In addition you may follow a live video feed on our website on the day of the Auction to check progress. Please note that, due to volumes and speed of auctions, we usually only contact you a few minutes prior to the lot being offered.

What is internet bidding?

This is where pre-registered bidders make bids online during the live auction.

Payment of deposit monies by bank transfer/debit card

Allsop will not accept deposit monies via bank transfer/debit card until we have completed our Anti Money Laundering checks. Once we have received your completed online registration, and carried out our checks (normally within 24 hours), we will give you details of our Client Account (or contact you for debit card payments) to enable funds to be transferred.

What is the difference between the bidder and the buyer?

The bidder is the person actually making the bids for the property. The buyer is the party that will actually be named on the contract and will be obliged to complete the transaction. The bidder may be the agent for the buyer, or the bidder and the buyer may be the same.

How many cheques do I need?

You will need two cheques for every property which you would like to purchase on the day; one made payable to Allsop LLP Clients Account for the deposit monies and one cheque made payable to Allsop LLP in relation to the Buyer's Fee.

What ID do I need to supply if I am not a UK resident?

All non UK residents should supply the required ID but we will require certified copies of the ID documents.